Presence of defy mini gadget is a welcome change from the usual attributes of the smart phone, offered by different companies. Motorola has created benchmarks of excellence because the gadget is loaded with exceptional features, which are bound to attract attention of users in an impeccable style.

Features and Capabilities

The mini gadget is equipped with Android 2.3., considered to provide an optimum performance to deliver awesome results over a period of time. Processor with 1 GHz is a very important scoop, which has proved beyond doubt that the sleek beast from Motorola would go a long way in creating a huge impact on the people.

Additional capabilities include the awe inspiring presence of the camera which projects 5 Mega pixels of resolution without any hiccups. It is an amazing feature which is coupled with digital zoom to provide eye popping output.  512 MB of RAM plays a very important role in supporting multiple applications, consuming humungous resources while in action and delivering enthralling visual experience.