As androids are self-intelligent devices syncing data is relatively easy and with all operating systems that have been established after Froyo 2.2 syncing and managing contacts in an android phone has become easier than ever before. The following procedures are established so that a user can successfully sync his/her contact details with the android phone.

  1. Firstly the person may need to create a Gmail account before even proceeding with any syncing of Google android contacts into any android phone.
  2. Once your Gmail account tap on the menu button on the home screen of your android phone
  3. Scroll down in the menu and hit the settings icon
  4. Once the settings panel is in view again scroll down to the Accounts and sync tab
  5. Tap the Accounts and Sync tab
  6. Hit Add account feature and enable it with the Gmail account you just created
  7. Be sure that the Auto Sync feature and Background data are both enabled when dealing with syncing Gmail account contacts to your phone contacts.
  8. This feature is also showcased when you first buy the Android phone itself and if necessary you can create a Gmail account before hand
  9. The procedure is also vice versa and if you want to import contacts on your Gmail account from your android phone.