Verizon has announced the availability of radio apps for android tablets. A series of press releases were issued at the event CES 2012 in Las Vegas on Verizon’s tie ups with radio content partners to bring out these android apps to selected tablets.

As a result of Verizon’s partnership, Android users get some cool radio applications such as The Daily and Slacker Radio. However these radio apps will be compatible only with a select few Android tablets like Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet and Samsung Galaxy 7.7. Certain apps like Rupert Murdoch’s tablet-optimized news application can be subscribed by paying a monthly or an annual fee. The daily is one of the top rated news application designed especially for iPad’s. It publishes rich new content including breaking news and the same can be displayed on the home screen of the android tablets.

Verizon is expected to disclose more details on these android radio apps in the coming few days.