Blackberry’s most powerful competitor was Android. Now it seems Blackberry has found a way to even things a little. Blackberry’s Playbook is a tablet, which was quite successful, as expected from Blackberry. A recent software modification by RIM on the Playbook made it possible that the apps made for Android OS can now run very fine on Blackberry Playbook.

All you need to do is update the software of your Playbook to the free 2.0 version. RIM has made some improvements in the new software update v.20 as well. Now, the favorite icons dock is at the top of the apps menu page in the home screen also allowing users to create folders just like in Android and iOS. There are a few more apps for email, calendar etc.

Contacts option in Playbook will support cloud synchronizing after the update. That is, you can use your Blackberry phone to make changes to calendars and contacts in the Playbook. Gmail sync, Yahoo sync, hotmail sync are the extra additions Docs-to-Go has also been improved mainly to include Powerpoint editing.