Proliferation of the tablets in the market tend to confuse people, however launch of the idea tab k 2 tablet from Lenovo has provided awesome options to the users. Powered by the Tegra 3 processor, the gadget is a gamer’s delight because it is able to attract large number of users. Android version 4.0 operating system seamlessly manages the hardware of the smart phone and ensures that the people are able to enjoy the visual appearance of the smart phone.

Display and Resolution

10 inch display screen provides amazing resolution to the customers in the form of 1280*800 pixels which would go a long way in managing complex applications. Similarly 2 GB of RAM increases the data bandwidth of the system, so that complex internet applications could be operated without any hiccups. Inbuilt storage capacity of 64 GB is enough to store audio video content in an amazing manner. High definition resolution compatibility is signified by the presence of HDMI port, considered to be an important tool for seamless integration with other devices.