Accessories come only for the most popular and most desired devices, for instance Apple and Mac accessories. There are accessories even for Android smartphones. There are quite a few accessories, which makes it difficult for android users to come up with the perfect choice for an accessory.

One good choice would be the Sony SmartWatch. It is not the older version of SmartWatch that we are talking about. The new SmartWatch is very much improved. Sony SmartWatch can pair with your Android phone via Bluetooth. It can display notifications and alerts from social networking sites. In addition to this, the users will also be able to control applications by accessing them with SmartWatch. The improved SmartWatch also has a full color display and accelerometer.

As the name suggests, the device can fit comfortably around your arm, just like a watch, and you will be able to choose from a variety of rubber wrist bands. The Sony SmartWatch can retain the charge comparatively longer than other similar gadgets. It will be available at Sony retail stores soon for about $149.