Google’s Android operating system is very famous for its wide library of Android applications, which can keep you entertained as well as help you with your work. Now Webelinx recently launched another cool android application, which can help you maintain good health. The app named as Weight Loss, is designed to work in Android powered Smartphones.

Weight Loss basically comes with about more than 800 videos with diet tips and workout routines. The coolest part is that, the video library of the app will be automatically updated with new videos everyday. The videos will have all the guidelines that the Android users may follow to lose their weight. The work out routines can be combined with all the tips in the videos for a good diet, to lose your weight without the need of appointing health and diet instructors. The users can also opt for the no-diet method of losing weight, which is also available in the Weight Loss app.

Weight Loss can be bought from the Android market.