For all those gaming fanatics who count Call of duty game as one of their favorites, the good news is that from now on Call Of Duty Elite app is available for download from the Android Market. The move came as a result of the tie-up between Activision and Google’s android.

Some of the key features of this app include;

  • Players will now be able to remotely access the statistics
  • Players will also be able to access the player load outs
  • Players can also make use of this app to check the multi-player statistics
  • By means of this app, users can even select the weapons of their choice by means of loadout editor and can prepare your own virtual soldier for the online gaming

It is a necessity that the users will have to subscribe for Call of Duty ELITE service before they make use of this app. The subscription charge is around $49.99 per year for the console players. Here is the android market link for Call of Duty Elite