Joy Aether, the maker of the D33P series of applications has announced its first android app known as ‘Facebook Timeline Covers by D33P’. The android app is capable of creating unlimited Facebook Timeline Photos by means of user’s own Facebook photos as well as D33P produced cover arts.

The new android app is especially designed for helping the Facebook users who does not have the required Photoshop skills. The app helps in creating both cover photo as well as the profile picture which is termed as ‘Facebook Timeline Seamless Combo’.

The functioning of Facebook Timeline Covers app includes;

  • Users now can opt for a photo from their own Facebook albums or Friends album and News Feeds etc
  • Users now can select the photo for their own profile picture
  • The selected photo cover will also be shown allowing the users to understand how the profile picture would look like next to the cover photo
  • Users can also create the seamless combo by means of starting one of the cover arts that is already pre-installed in the app