Google’s Financials and other statistics for Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2011 have been revealed today . Google total revenue for fourth quarter of 2011 has increased about 25% as of Q1 2010,  in absolute numbers it was $8.44 billion in Q4 2010 and its $10.58 billion for Q4 2011.  Coming to our area of concern, 50 million( 50,000,000) android devices were activated only in fourth quarter  of 2011 taking the total android devices to 250 million ( 250,000,000). The number of downloaded application presents a more rosy picture , thinking why ? 11 billion apps have been downloaded from android market (yeah Its more than the human population ) .

50 million android devices in one quarter means on average 555,555 devices were activated per day in Q4 2011, so do Google really needs to care about the increasing sales of iPhone 4s as reported yesterday by Apple  ?

Via:  Google