Sony, considered to be one of the consumer electronic major has finally unveiled a SmartWatch that is capable of pairing with any android phones by means of which users have the ability to watch and access most of the handset’s functionalities. The device is expected to make use of Android Honeycomb operating system.

Sony SmartWatch helps the users in downloading the apps on the gadget itself by means of android market. The device has been designed in such a way that the downloaded apps will be compatible with the smaller display of the device. Sony had already released the SDK for developing of the right apps for the SmartWatch.

Some of the key features include;

  • 1.3 inch multi-touch OLED display
  • A clip that can be attached and detached anytime
  • Bluetooth 3.0 that helps in high speed transfer of data

Sony SmartWatch is expected to come with a price tag of $149 and is expected to be launched in to the international market by March of this year.