Looking for a good mobile antivirus which is reliable and versatile at the same time, well look no further !! Avast! Mobile Security – an app that every android user should have installed. I know what you’re thinking – an antivirus app? Really? Yes, really. This app is different than the rest of the anti-virus applications in the Market, because it is also the best anti-theft solution of any app (The other features of the app are top-notch, as well, but the anti-theft functionality is its only root function).

Why is its anti-theft so good? Because it used to be¬†Theft Aware, an app that we absolutely loved. TA was bought out buy avast! and incorporated into its Mobile Security app. The best part is that the root function of the app wasn’t altered in any way – avast’s anti-theft setup is identical to Theft Aware in every way (aside from aesthetically, that is) – it’s simple and intuitive, and when it’s finished, you can rest assured that if your device is ever lost or stolen it’s as protected as it can be.

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avast! Mobile Security is free and if you only choose to install one app from this roundup, I suggest that this is the one.

Source: App Brain