Features & Usefulness:

Where’s My Droid is awesome! It helps you find your phone when the ringer is turned all the way down or on vibrate.

Remember those remotes they came out with to help you find lost keys? I personally think this is 100% better. Within the first week I had the opportunity to use the Where’s My Android app after I misplaced the phone at a recent business meeting. I had turned the phone down while doing my presentation and couldn’t remember which of the five boxes I carried in with me that I had put it in. I used a friend’s phone to send a text to mine and immediately was able to locate my Galaxy S2

You can use any phone to text your secret attention word or phrase to your phone to turn up the ringer and play your current ringtone. A separate attention word will give you the GPS coordinates of the phone, but GPS must already be turned on for it to work. Paid versions give you the additional options of choosing a separate ringtone specifically for the app and the ability to email a text to your phone to turn it on.

I would recommend you not share the attention words or your buddies could have a great time turning your phone up randomly, say while you are in a meeting.

How to Setup and Use Wheres my Droid:

Open the app, click “Attention word”, by default it will have “Wheres my Droid” you can either leave this or change to a text phrase you can remember. Same for “Attention word for GPS”, by default has “GPS My Droid”. When the app is installed and you text either of these phrases from any phone to your lost phone, it will play the phone’s ringing tone for the specified duration until you find it (recommend checking “Ring when lost”, “Ring for 5 minutes”, and “Reset Volume” to allow enough ring time to find the phone and restore ring volume to what you normally set it to).

Frequently Used:

Frequency of use is user dependant.


Once the app is set up, there is nothing more you need to do for it to work. There are a only a few settings: choose the attention words, set a custom ringtone if you have the paid version and tell it how long you want it to continue ringing assuming you haven’t located your phone.

Source: Android Market