Launch of the tablet Syntex is a landmark event because it is based on Android 4.0 version of the operating system. It is a gamers’ delight because the gadget operates on the 1.2 GHz of the processor sufficient enough to support variety of high end gaming applications. According to the experts, ice cream sandwich version is used to deliver impeccable performance to the end users. The 8 inch screen of tablet operates on the touch screen technology to provide range of functionalities to the customers.

Graphics and Resolution

Presence of the 1024*768 pixels provides necessary fillip to the gadget, so that images are displayed with absolute clarity. Mali 400 graphics card is able to provide an ideal platform for different business packages which are indispensable for the entrepreneurs.  It is a well known fact that 1080p resolution is suitable for the running of applications in an impeccable manner. The tablet is efficiently priced, enabling the users to purchase it in large numbers. Memory of 8GB plays a very important role in providing efficient storage capacity to the users.