Styled in an exquisite manner the Archos 101 G9 tablet plays a very important role in attracting large number of customers. Sleek looks powered with an amazing configuration of Android 3.2 honeycomb, the gadget is bound to capture attraction of large number of users. Hardware comprising of 1 GHz processor with OMAP configuration would go a long way in providing best results to the users.

Resolution and Multimedia

Apart from above it also offers facility of high definition video, so that the compatible devices could be plugged into the port. 10. 1 inches captive touch screen plays a stellar role in offering amazing view of the numerous applications bundled along with the gadget. Impeccable resolution of 1280*800 pixels would go a long way in managing software which exhibit high end graphics characteristics.  Priced at about 270$, it is a wonderful buy for the customers because of its enormous capabilities. More than 250GB of external hard disc could be plugged into the USB port of the tablet.  Availability of the 3G and the Wi-Fi capability allows the users to connect to the internet in a seamless manner.