Launch of the T mobile G2x has proved to be a water shed event for the people because they are quite amazed by the attributes of the gadget. It is a well known fact that 4.7 inches captive touch screen offers amazing resolution to the users, so that they are able to enjoy different widgets and applications in an easy and hassle free manner.

Processor and OS

Advent of the single core processor with 1.2 GHz configuration is able to provide support to variety of applications depending on the requirements and the specifications of the users.  Android 2.2 is used to control the hardware in an exemplary manner, so that people are able to use them without any hiccups. Availability of the camera with 8 mega pixels of configuration is able to deliver exceptional performance in capturing amazing snaps.  Excellent standby time enables the customers to operate the gadget for longer period of time. NVIDIA Tegra processor is able to support graphic laden applications so that hard core gamers would be able to enjoy them in an easy and hassle free manner.