Compared to the other tablets, the Toshiba AT100 is a perfect Android tablet which offer amazing results to the customers in the form of impeccable configuration. It is slightly heavier that the rest of the devices, however it is equipped with 5 Mega pixels of camera in the rear.


Apart from the above attributes, inclusion of the HDMI and SD cards provide versatility to the devices which could be used according to ones requirements and specifications. High definition resolution of the screen enables the users to capture videos with amazing results. Thickness of the gadget at 15.7 mm would offer awesome portability to the user along with the look which would attract large number of users. The tablet is priced in the vicinity of 400$ and is quite amazing in terms of attributes.  Availability of 16 GB of memory would allow the users to store adequate amount of data in the form of audio video content. 1GB of RAM coupled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will ensure high speed data transfer.