Technological innovation has led to the advent of LG X3 Quad Core which is loaded with features like Tegra 3 processor obtained from NVIDIA and is a gamers’ delight. It is a well known fact that the gadget is powered by the Android 4.0 operating system and would be updated with ice cream sandwich version at a later date.

Multimedia and Specifications

Presence of 4.7 inches touch screen is able to provide high definition video in an impeccable manner. A perfect resolution of 1280*720 pixels allows the users to execute applications laden with high end graphics. Ice cream sandwich version is used to operate hardware in an impeccable manner. Presence of 16 GB memory capacity is used to store audio video content. It could also be increased to 32 GB with the induction of micro SD cards. Presence of 802.11 b Wi-Fi connectivity along with blue tooth allows the users to browse the websites in an easy and hassle free manner.