Custom launchers (one of my most favorite android apps to mess around with) are one of those aspects that make Android so awesome. They give a completely new meaning to the word customization which to-date remains unmatched by Android’s competitors. However, those competitors sometimes offer a unique experience of their own, that is until an Android launcher developer decides he wants that look on his device. In particular, XDA member, TheRedDrake, decided he like some of Windows’ looks and eventually created a Windows Phone 7 launcher. Despite this being well received, TheRedDrake and four other XDA members have since moved on in efforts to bring Windows 8 to Android. The team would like to qualify that in saying that their up and coming launcher is not a copy but rather inspired by the Windows 8 Metro UI. What really makes this launcher special is that the team is going above and beyond. They are implementing custom apps to go with the launcher. Upon launch they expect to have twenty running apps which are included with the launcher, so far eighteen of which have been officially announced which include :

  • Dialer
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • People with IM and social (Windows Phone contacts get directly integrated with all the social networking sites)
  • Calculator
  • Player
  • Gallery
  • Camera
  • Browser
  • Notes,
  • Stock + Currency converter
  • Meteo
  • Alarm
  • News
  • File manager
  • Settings
  • Launcher
The launcher is expected to arrive sometime in March-April, till then all we can do is just wait with anticipation.