The Samsung Galaxy Note and its S Pen weren’t designed as a one-off, as Samsung is shooting for a sort of pen interface renaissance hopefully spurred along by the massive Android smartphone. This is just the beginning of what seems to be a long, bright future for Samsung’s S Pen. In the future we could see it tagged along  with a number of tablets and phones alike (or a mixed-breed a.k.a. HYBRID like the Galaxy Note).

While many see the pen interface as a small part of the resistive touchscreen era and early tablet tech, Samsung sees a touchscreen writing utensil as one of several tools to make interacting with Android slates more intuitive. Aside from typical finger-based interactions, Samsung is also looking to natural interfacing via 3D gestures recognized by the tablets front-facing camera; features that may find their way into the Galaxy Tab lineup, basic idea being that bigger the screen, more the space for the S Pen to show off its magic.


An important thing to note at this point in time is that, Google has helped to limit “UI fatigue” by unifying their operating system across smartphones and tablets with the introduction of Android 4.0; Although there is still a good deal of work to be done when it comes to unifying the app experience. It sounds like Samsung is aiming for the perfect mix of Android functionality and Apple simplicity, and intuitive user interactions could be one way to meet in the middle.

Whats the best part about using 3D gestures or a Pen to control a tablet you ask? Well for starters, less touch means less fingerprints smudging up the screen. If,  this is the case then the Pen will surely get back its forgotten dignity in the tech market.

Source: Phandroid