Ever felt bored at work or at school ? Ever felt lonely and have nothing to do or nobody to talk with ? Well here’s an app which eradicates all these questions  from the minute you install it. The Formspring Android App at once becomes your best buddy as it starts interacting with you in a quite an amazing manner which is going to leave users happy and laughing at the same time. Even though this App is relatively quite famous, yet many people have never heard of it before. Here’s what it has to offer: whenever you ask people questions, they answer you back. In turn, people ask you questions and you answer them. Sounds exhilarating, no? You can get questions from users you know, users you may not know, or anonymous questions (that’s where the actual fun part begins).

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Formspring is easily available on the Android  Market and it’s quite simple to use, it can be easily integrated with Facebook as well.  The app allows you to do these basic tasks:

  • Ask a question (because without this, the app would be pointless)
  • Send photos and get responses
  • Respond to questions with text or photo
  • “Smile” at responses
  • Choose to follow publicly or privately

Sound good? It’s free, so give it a try and see if it’s your thing.


Source: Android Market