Central Core Studios which is considered to be a pioneer in coding video games has now diversified itself in to artistic projects that include the launch of new HD Live wall papers for Android. The HD Live wall papers come with amazing and attractive images as well as graphics.

As far as the first impressions of the wall papers go by, it seems to be quite inevitable that the company develops video games for android which will be sure a huge success.


Some of the key features of new HD Live wall papers include;

  • Depth of layers
  • Special Effects

It is expected that wallpapers that represents vehicles as well as inner-body cell viruses and animated gnomes will also be arriving in the android market soon.

The wall papers are available in free as well as paid version. The free version consists of only a single landscape as well as limited customization options where as the paid version comes at $1.50. The full version consists of 3 landscapes as well as available options in the Android Market.