Google has decided to provide better opportunity to its app developers through the official Google+ page for Android developers. This is an open community for developers to motivate and encourage them for participating and putting up collaborative efforts which aims at providing better cohesive experience while developing Android platform to both manufacturers as well as third-party application developers. In fact, Google also unveiled Android Design website that would help app developers learn more about Holo, the theme used in Android 4.0.

Google has certain goals and plans for its widely popular Android platform and to achieve those it is important to establish a deep, interconnected community so that developers can network as well as provide help to each other. The official profile page of the Android Developers website on Google+ seems like a perfect set up for the developers to get a head start on all the latest happenings.

According to the company this page will be used for development tips, discussing updates to the Software Development Kit (also known as SDK) and developer tools, highlighting new Android training classes, and posting video and pics from Android developer events around the world. One of my favourite things about Google+ is the quality of conversation around posts, so +Android Developers will focus on being a place for the people behind the Android developer experience, and Android developers all around the world, to meet and discuss the latest in Android app development.

One unique factor of Google+ is its “Hangout” feature in which people can easily interact with each other through (group) video chats and conference calls. It turns out that hangouts are a lot of fun, so feature interviews with Google engineers and 3rd party Android app developers willing to share their tips and experiences would also be possible.

Source: Android and Me