Every youngster has worried parent constantly keeping contact of his or her’s whereabouts. Well parents would not have to keep on texting or calling their children again again thanks to this new Android Application.There’s a new app which parents can use to keep track of their children. Through Family Check In, parents can determine if their kids have arrived at their scheduled destinations.

The app can pinpoint the whereabouts of a child on a location-verified map. This means parents can guarantee that their kids are at the school gym, a friend’s house, at the mall, or anywhere else they’re supposed to be. Created by Location Labs’ Safely division, they believe that this app will complement the existing behaviors of teens with currently existing apps like Foursquare. This app though has the following funcationality:

* Make text message check-ins more fun with your location and with emoticons
* Send your location from your Android device via text message to any mobile phone on any network
* Allow friends and family to view your location on their mobile device’s web browser
FAMILYWHERE LOCATE – Upgrade for only $9.99 a month for up to 10 lines
* Locate any mobile device on your T-Mobile account at any time
* Works with any mobile device – no GPS or extra software required
* Locate from the convenience of the Android App or from a web browser on my.t-mobile.com
* Schedule automatic location checks and get notifications by text or email
* First 30 days are free with a FamilyWhere subscription

* FamilyWhere is optimized for SmartPhones and may not be compatible with all tablets
* Users who are located will be notified via text message
* FamilyWhere can only locate devices that are powered on and connected to T-Mobile’s network

Initially, the app will be available through T-Mobile USA under the brand, T-Mobile FamilyWhere. The app will be available for free and can be downloaded from the Android Market. Other available apps under the Safely division include Drive Safe, Phone Controls usage analytics service, and Safely Social Monitor.


Source: Android Market