Social Networking has been a hub for gamers all around the world, to discuss about games and other high tech gadgets,  for quite a while now, Microsoft’s Xbox Live being one of them. This time around an unlikely developer “Gameloft” has launched their own social network for Android gamers. It’s called Gameloft LIVE! and will bring a mini Xbox Live, of sorts. You can create avatars, chat with friends, get discounts on games and level up by playing Gameloft LIVE! enabled games. This has been tried a few times before – ScoreLoop and OpenFeint come to mind – but Gameloft’s name might give them an interesting leg up over the competition.


  • Always stay in touch with your friends! Invite them to games, send messages & chat in real time.
  • A rich 3D experience never-before-seen on smartphones! Custom create the avatar & hub for you.
  • Build your gamer score and earn XP and virtual Gameloft coins.
  • Stay up to date! Access spotlight promotions and details on the latest game titles.
  • Get the best games at Special Discounts, only for Gameloft LIVE! members.
  • Your favorite titles at your fingertips! View and launch your games from one easy-to-navigate hub.


Source: Gameloft