For all the users who regularly make use of Firefox browsers in their android device, the good news is that Firefox 10 update is already available in the android market. Be ready to enjoy the flourishing experience of Firefox 10.

Some of the key features of Firefox 10 include;

  • Overall stability has been improved
  • Improved performance
  • Easier and faster set up and syncing
  • Improved scrolling
  • Improved zoom
  • IndexedDB API’s have been added for closely matching the specification
  • The bug fixing regarding the rare cases of browser becoming unable to load pages as well as closing tabs have been fixed

One of the major drawbacks is the absence of Adobe Flash Player. The browser makes use of Android 4.0 ICS. The smoother scrolling has been made possible by means of using Anti-Aliasing for WebGL. Open GL-ES layers have been accelerated as well as the Firefox sync have been made faster.