Lenovo has the reputation of being one of the major players in the manufacturing and development of computers as well as tablets. The latest news that is making headlines across the international market includes Lenovo joining the elite club of android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system this year.

Lenovo has already announced that their Lenovo ThinkPad tablet will get the Android 4.0 update in the second quarter of this year. The tablet is expected to make great sales once it is launched with Ice Cream sandwich operating system.


As of now, the device is making use of Android Honeycomb operating system. It is for sure that the tablet will feature an improved performance with Ice Cream Sandwich operating system compared to the existing android honeycomb operating system.

Lenovo has always maintained its dominance over other products by means of regular updates as well as bug fixes which have resulted in increased user satisfaction among the users of Lenovo ThinkPad users.