There have been talks since quite a while of Android apps to start running on a RIM device most notably the Blackberry PlayBook. RIM wants Android apps in their BlackBerry App World market so bad, they’re practically giving away PlayBooks to developers who submit them. What’s that you say, they actually are giving away PlayBooks? YES THEY ARE !!!!

RIM has developed software for the OS running on the PlayBook that allows Android apps to be ported to BlackBerry with just a few simple clicks. Apparently, RIM’s plans to run apps from the Android Market isn’t turning out quite like they imagined. Even after drastically lowering the price on PlayBooks, RIM still can’t get rid of them. So why not give them away in exchange for apps?

Instead of building quality hardware, pairing it with quality software and attracting users and app developers the old fashioned way, a clearly desperate RIM is giving away PlayBook tablets to any developer who submits their Android app to the BalckBerry App World market.

RIM’s future is still very uncertain at this point, but a free tablet is a free tablet. This offer is valid till February 13th, 2012 so all you App developers out there what are you waiting for ?? Submit your app and take advantage of this generous offer before its too late. The Android App developer tool for BlackBerry PlayBook can be downloaded from here

Source: Slash Gear

Youtube Link: Android Plug-in for Blackberry PlayBook