MetalCompass, a start up company is all set to release Xappr, which is considered to be a gun style gaming in which communication is established between the compatible games on your phone. By doing this process, users will be able to make use of the gun for moving the character as well as cursor and finally users will be able to fire with the trigger.

Key Features

  • The presence of headphone attachments that will be able to record clicks
  • For holding the users phone in place, Flexible clamp is used
  • Accessories are compatible with standard shooter games
  • SDK can be used for making the existing games work

MetalCompass is expected to release the Xappr by the end of this year. There are provisions for eager gamers to pre-order the toy from the company’s website by means of using PayPal. The pre-order price is $44.49 where as there is no official word yet on the retail version price.