After downloading and using the new Google Chrome for Android app today, just like all of you even I was slightly disappointed with the fact that Adobe Flash was not supported. To be very honest there were initial rumours stating that the only drawback of this otherwise flawless app would be the lack of Flash support, and now even Adobe have made an official announcement following up on their earlier announcements that they weren’t supporting Android moving forward. Well for us this news did come up fast, as in really really fast !


Chrome for Android Beta doesn’t support Adobe Flash and according to Adobe we shouldn’t be all that surprised by that. Within the first few lines of their official comment they quickly got down to what they had to say, and here it is:

“Adobe is no longer developing Flash Player for mobile browsers, and thus Chrome for Android Beta does not support Flash content”.

They do however mention that they still support flash in the stock browser, and will continue to do so as they promised back in November. Other comments suggest they are actively working to move HTML5 forward, and will continue to support that community, as well as Adobe Air for Android.

Does this come as a surprise to anyone? Will this make you abandon the new and impressive Chrome for Android until we have more options available? Google worked so hard with Adobe to make Flash a feature but quickly things have changed and it will no longer be present moving forward. If you need Flash, (I certainly do and cannot live without it specially when it comes to watching live football streaming) keep those alternative or stock browsers intact, because Chrome wont be getting it anytime soon.

Source: Adobe