Google + Motorola = Googorola  is set to become a reality as early as next week, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The $12.5 Billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google will gain approval by the Justice Department, though antitrust enforcers still show concerns over how Google will license some of the patents it will acquire from the deal. Surely these folks will be keeping a close eye on Google to determine whether they’re using these patents in a fair manner.

Approval from the U.S. DOJ was one of several hurdles that the merger would have to face in order to gain approval. In addition to the DOJ, Google and Motorola need buy-in from the European Commission, China, Canada, Israel, Russia, Taiwan, and Turkey in order to proceed. As of the end of January, only Russia and Turkey had approved the merger while the other countries conducted further investigations.

The European Commission has set a Monday deadline for approval of the deal, meaning we won’t have to wait too long to know whether the next big hurdle will be overcome. Europe is likely the biggest obstacle to the merger, and an approval on Monday would likely mean the deal would become a reality very soon.

More to come early next week as we await a ruling from across the pond.


Sources: WSJ