LG CX2 smartphone is all set to be announced in the Mobile World Congress. One of the major attractions to come with the phone is its three dimensional characteristics. The inclusion of the new screen which makes use of an IPS-based screen helps in substantially improving the 3D effect as well as legibility.

Even though the features and specifications of the phone have not been officially announced, the rumors suggest that the phone is expected to come with the following features such as;

  • 9.9 mm thickness
  • Bigger screen display size
  • Dual-core processor
  • Expected to make use of Android Gingerbread operating system

Once the device is launched in the Mobile World Congress, then it is expected that the product will reach the retail stores under different carriers within three months. Given the geographical locations across which the device will be launched, it is not sure whether LG will carry the same name or any different name for the LG CX2 smartphone especially in countries like United States.