Google has just recently announced an update for YouTube in Google TV. The update will be available in the days to come. The update can be considered as part of the big announcements that is expected to come with Google TV for expanding its reach across the audience.

The latest YouTube app is available for download from the ever popular Android Market. The app arrives with a lot of exciting features.

Key Features

  • Improved Performance
  • Faster Navigation
  • Smoother Navigation
  • Ability to watch more videos from the users
  • Inclusion of a new information screen

One of the most notable features that have arrived with the update includes the introduction of a feature known as ‘Discover’ which provides the users with the ability to browse the YouTube channels by means of categorization.

With the big announcements that is about to announce for Google TV, users are expecting more exciting announcements that is much more than a YouTube update for Google TV.