The TSF Pro Shell is one launcher which has made everyone wait in anticipation since quite some time and now word on its official (Chinese) website has it that it would be launched in a few days and readily available on the Android Market. The TSF launcher can be best described as “breathtaking” (and at the same time a little confusing for a few as well depending how much the user wants to get involved with its various functionalities).

The launcher takes inspiration from the TAT User Interface way back in the G1 days with the traditional big beautiful widgets, gorgeous fluid animations and intuitive user interface to name a few. As mentioned earlier, TSF Pro Shell will take some time getting used to, but as soon as one gets the hang of it, it promises to offer lots of exciting and somewhat unique features that are deprived from the currently available launchers on the Market

The video showcases an overall in-depth review of the launcher


Source: TSF UI