Nvidia  on launching its Tegra 3 processor in November 2011 called it as VSMP (Variable Symmetric Multiprocessing). Since then it has given it a number of names from Stealth core , Companion core to Ninja core. Those are all phrases that NVIDIA has used to describe their 5th processing core in their Tegra 3 processor. NVIDIA has now announced a 5th name, “4-PLUS-1” and they have trademarked it. So, its official the 5 core Tegra 3 processor will be called “4-PLUS-1”.

According to an Nvidia spokesperson

“Today, we’re officially calling it the 4-PLUS-1 quad-core architecture and trademarking the name. The reason is that, the more popular this technology became, the more our customers wanted a name for it that’s unique and descriptive. A name they could put on a box or a store sign that immediately represents its value.”




The processor has found to be in LG’s new Optimus 4X HD and is expected to come in alot of phones in next week’s Mobile World Congress. We’ll just have to wait  to find out.

Source: Nvidia