Sony apparently is rising to the expectations of its followers this year, starting with the launch of the much anticipated Sony Xperia P smartphone, under the Xperia line up of smartphones. At the Mobile World Congress, Sony also launched a cool new accessory for the Xperia P, known as Smartdock.

As the name suggests, the Smartdock is a dock for the Xperia P. It’s speculated that Sony followed Motorola’s footsteps as Sony’s Smartdock is similar to Motorola’s Webtop. However, it was made pretty clear by Sony that Smartdock is designed for entertainment and will give the Xperia P users a whole new experience. Reportedly, after docking the Xperia P on the Smartdock, users will be able to connect the dock to a TV or a monitor, and control the apps in the smartphone as well as the media, by using either a remote control or a keyboard and mouse.

The Smartdock is compatible with keyboard and mouse which can be plugged to the USB interface of the phone, and hence the Smartdock can transform Xperia P to a mini computer.