Twitter is trying to woo its customers by bringing some significant updates for its official app for iOS as well as android devices.

Some of the Key Features include;

  • Enabled swipe shortcuts
  • Addition of an explicit information dialog to make the users aware that making use of the ‘Find Friends’ feature means that Twitter will be accessing the user’s contact data
  • Copy as well as Paste back feature now available for Twitter for iPhone
  • Twitter for iPhone update also includes improved support for the links within tweets
  • Improvements regarding Direct Messaging
  • The extensive utilization of hardware acceleration on the Ice Cream sandwich devices seems to be the largest update for the Twitter for android users
  • Twitter for android users will also from now on get improved support for its low cost tablets like Kindle Fire as well as Nook tablet
  • Better support for Android 4.0 devices

Twitter really deserves appreciation for making tremendous improvements for its official app.