Seidio has always come up with innovative and useful accessories for phones and tablets alike, from covers to holsters to nifty portable chargers and docks. Earlier this year at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2012, Seidio released their Charging Vault, which was applauded by many critics.

Now a days one of the major issues a person has when using a dual or a quad core smartphone is the battery life. Goes down from 100 to 20 in half a day with full usage, and this happens faster if you are using a 4G LTE enabled phone. Well, for that purpose a lot of companies started making more powerful batteries, but drawback was that the new batteries were not compatible. Seidio have outdone themselves again with the introduction of the new  Innocell 3800mAh batteries with built in NFC circuitry.

The battery is made for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus, and is available for U.S $75. According to a Seidio spokesperson:


When you can’t get to an outlet, our Innocell Super Extended Life Batteries will keep you moving forward. Our Extended Life Batteries utilize premium Japanese cells to ensure the highest levels of safety and performance. Super Extended Life Batteries can offer up to 100% more battery life than your stock battery.


We all know that 4G LTE network sucks on battery life like its no tomorrow, so this would be a BIG sigh of relief for people who are currently using Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus 4G. Seidio is sure not to stop with its inventions, lets see what they come up with for later this year.