Android since its release in 2008 has evolved from time to time. Same goes for the Android applications, getting bigger and better day by day. Some applications are meant only for high processor capacity phones with a large storage capacity as they require a lot of space for installing as well as running. The apps being mentioned here touch or are into the gigabyte region. Developers do not need to worry about shrinking the apps or the games because Google has upgraded the previous 50MB limit for android apps to an enormous 4GB in extra resources.

With the increase in size, users will now be able to see the REAL size of the application they wish to install. Users will find those apps less and less that after installation ask for resources to download, that could go to GB’s of system resources. Gamers will not have to wait the extra 15-20 minutes for the app to complete downloading all the resources and then starting it. With the increase in size of Google’s server, it has become more safer, as compared to extra resource files required from the apps developer’s servers. A person can never be careful of what files could be downloaded without his knowledge.


Source: Android Developers