We have for the past week  given you all the details of the Mobile World Congress 2012. The congress held in Barcelona, had kept many phones and software developer enthusiasts in a lot of anticipation for months. The Congress didn’t disappoint, and we got to know a lot of exciting announcements from a long line of companies. We have in our eyes short listed the 10 best Mobile World Congress happenings.

#1 HTC One X and HTC Sense 4.0

HTC had a long line of phones to show in the MW C 2012, the best of the lot was their flagship phone of 2012, the HTC One-X. The phone will come with the new version of HTC Sense, the Sense 4.0. A lot of new features have been added for example, beats audio, with the old, ugly looking metal finish out and Poly carbonate casing in.


#2 ASUS Padfone

Asus has always come up with devices that are unique and sturdy. This time around they have taken the subtle approach with the new Asus Padfone. It’s a hybrid between and phone and a tablet. Now only thing to look in the future is how network carriers will see Asus’s promise of  “two devices, one data plan.”


#3 Huawei Ascend D Quad and Huawei Mediapad 10 FHD

Huawei the Japanese mobile giant has finally stepped into the battle ground with the “Big Dogs”. They have come with a  quad-core processor and a phone and tablet to go with it. The Ascend D Quad and Mediapad 10 FHD are hopeful glimpses at the mobile maker’s future with powerful hardware and polished build quality.


#4 Fujitsu’s quad-core prototype with Android 4.0

Fujitsu is one of many mobile manufactures that is stepping up their game in this fierce industry. The unit on display at the congress was just the prototype. The Quad-core processing phone with Nvidia’s Tegra 3 GUI, with a 4.7- inch display and  a 13.1MP camera sensor sure looked to be promising. Even though the phone was still far from an official release.


#5 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The South Korean Giants launched The Note 10.1 sees Samsung bringing the “S Pen” technology developed for the original Note to a 10.1-inch Android 4.0 tablet. Thought The Note 10.1 isn’t the only tablet that uses a stylus or its technology these days, but it is the only one to use Wacom technology. This technology results in smoother, more precise input. Samsung except for adding the S Pen to its new tablet feature they have boosted the power of the CPU to 1.4 GHz Dual-Core Exynos chip and introduced some new software enhancements, like apps from Adobe.


#6 LG Optimus 4X HD

LG has displayed most of its new phones in the ultra slim category, this being no different. But what makes this phone stand out is its 4.7- inch True HD display, packed with a Nvidia Tegra 3 1.5 Ghz quad- core processor.


# 7 Samsung Galaxy Beam

The Galaxy Beam comes packed with a 15 lumens projector allows users to display and share multimedia content anywhere on a large luminous projector screen – walls, ceilings or improvised flat surfaces. So no need for a HDMI connector or a TV just aim at a blank wall and voila crisp pictures and videos at an instant.


# 8  Ubuntu for Android

Since quite a long time their were rumors that Ubuntu for Android will be available in the market. Well at the Mobile World Congress in Bareclona the rumors were not rumors anymore. At Hall 7 of the MWC Canonical was showing off what Ubuntu can do when its paired with the dual and quad core powered smart phones. The software was as impressive as the rumors flying around them.


#9 Sony Xperia P

Sony may have become a distant runner in the race for the best mobile manufacturing company. But this year seems to be very promising, with its impressive new line of phones. As Apple has its “Retina Display”, Sony has come up with their “Reality Display”, they have called this technology “white magic” meaning that the display is much brighter in any lighting condition.

# 10 Nokia 808 Pure View

Lastly, Nokia has come up with a phone with a camera having a whopping 41 mega pixel sensor. Nokia has stuck with its long time camera lens partner Carl Zeiss. According to Nokia its not how many mega pixels there are, its what you do with them is what matter


If you think there are more better products that i may have missed feel free to leave a comment.


Source: Spyghana