Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds have joined hands with Samsung to launch their new upcoming game Angry Birds Space with an exclusive version set to be released for the Galaxy Note along with Samsung’s other Galaxy line of devices. The game is officially set to release on March 22nd on all major devices including apple, Android and pc. Samsung have revealed the content which the Galaxy Note users would be getting which includes an exclusive Samsung Galaxy Note level, free access to the Danger Zone update which provides 30 maps (would usually be an in-app purchase for non-Galaxy ownes) and a new Lazer Bird which has unique powers to not only help you in the game, but to show off the beautiful display on devices such as the Galaxy Note.

This Angry Birds rendition is probably the best yet. While the series is good, quick fun, it quickly gets stale and we’ve been begging for a change of pace for quite some time. Angry Birds Space will finally provide that change of pace that will have us spending hours trying to clear all the levels with three stars.

Check out the video below to get a first hand glimpse of what Angry Birds space has to offer


Source: Android Community