Here’s a nifty little app designed specially for all those sports lovers who are unable to watch their favorite game on tv and need to get updated on regular intervals and thanks to Score Alarm, you can monitor the live scores of your favorite sporting events regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. The app eliminates the need for you to receive up-to-the-minute sports scores via SMS.  Besides, you most likely have to pay for subscription to such SMS alerts.  The app also eliminates the need for you to hop from one website to another just to check the latest scores of multiple sporting events.  Score Alarm brings all the scores into one access point.

To be able to use Score Alarm, your Android phone or Android tablet needs to be hooked up to the Internet.  The app feeds you with real-time updates about the sport that you’re monitoring–whether it’s a score, a goal, or some other important sporting event.  The feed is live, and you get the alerts as the events happen.  It’s a great app to use for tracking sports from all around the world–right at your fingertips and has live coverage for different sport categories including football, basketball, hockey, handball, rugby, volleyball, tennis etc.

Stay updated with the latest scores from your favorite sports. Try the Score Alarm app free from Google Play.

Source: Google Play