Paint3D enables the users with 3D printing feature in the Android devices. With 3D printing feature, the users can create anything which they design and also with the desired exact precision.  Paint3D also facilitates to bring up the latest innovations of 3D printing abilities to the Android devices.

3D Painting has not yet unveiled to the public. However, the House 4 Hack team from Johannesburg is working on this technology for the past few days to bring it out as the most perfect one. For the testing purpose, a Samsung Galaxy Note is being used.

Furthermore, they are also working out to enhance the functionality of the digitizer pen.

One of the demerits which one can point out in Paint3D is that it doesn’t allow wireless printing. However, it allows the user to upload the creations onto a USB and then it can be printed by connecting the USB to a digital printer.

This Paint 3D project is mainly focused to the school going students to showcase their talents in science fairs.