Majel considered to be one of the possible Siri competitors which was about to be released by Google is now going to be known as Google Assistant as per the sources. The project is going to be conducted by the android team which is expected to open up the source assistant.

The service will provide developers an opportunity to further improve their apps as well as products.

The assistant can be used in;

  • Devices
  • Apps
  • Browsers
  • Programs

The Google Assistant is also expected to make use of the voice technology and is expected to be released by the fourth quarter of 2012. The service will benefit all those users who wish to make use of the voice commands technology.

The project is expected to mainly consist of three stages that include;

  • Getting the knowledge of the world in a format that is recognizable by the computer
  • Creation of a personalized layer
  • Building of a mobile voice centered ‘Do engine’
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One Response to “Google Assistant to Come Alive in 2012”

  1. I’ve been reading a lot of positive speculations on the upcoming Google Assistant feature. I was wondering what we can expect from it… Will it be a personalized, voice-centered Android do-engine similar to Apple’s Siri, or something different…

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