Splashtop THD has been now made accessible for Nvidia Tegra 3 tablets which are running on Android 4.0+. One of the main notable key points of Splashtop THD is that it allows the users to get connected to the home PC and perform merely any tasks which can be performed on the PC desktop. Anything from web browsing, watching movies, listening to music to playing PC games, and much more have turned out to be much easier with the help of Splashtop.

For better performance using Splashtop, some requirements have to be satisfied by the users which includes.

  • Solid desktop
  • Wireless N router
  • Gaming rig
  • Super fast 4G connection

The wireless N router is only required when the user is gaming from some other place such as home or office. Also, when the system is not connected to Wi-Fi a super fast 4G connection has to be set up which enhances the disrupted functioning of Splashtop THD.

One crucial thing to be kept in mind that, Splashtop THD is only compatible with Tegra 3 tablets which supports Android 4.0+.

One can own this extraordinary THD for around $7 from the Android market.