Desktop favorite VLC applications are now made accessible for the Android devices.

The Swiss army knife trait of desktop media players has not yet been capable to reach the Android devices. However presently, one can find an unofficial construct of this open-source video application. This version is modified with the aid of published codes which is provided by the Linux desktop version.

VLC apps support various file types as well as codes. The highly advanced VLC user interface of this app has turned out be an extremely functional one and also enhances the users to easily make their work done.

The video performance of VLC app is greatly dependent on the power of the user’s phone or tablet’s processor. Generally saying, a smoother video playback experience can be enjoyed for those with faster processor. Moreover, the user must be particular about the hardware configuration when using VLC apps.

The fundamental user interface of VLC apps is extremely good. The Music application supported with the handy extras including a visible index bar has added on the compatibility of this app. In addition to these, a search function is also included to search out for a desired song.