The wait is over and we can now FINALLY get our fingers slinging once again with the launch of  the new Angry Birds Space which got released today and according to Rovio, this has been one of the most eagerly awaited and highly anticipated game in the long line of the Angry Birds Series. The game comes packed with an entirely new gameplay mechanic based on an overhauled PhysX engine and amazing graphics with real time anti-gravitational force which can be experienced during the game as most of the levels are based on this new mechanic.

Rovio along with NASA have integrated the anti-gravitational mechanism into the game along with Radar targeting which makes it even more fun to play as it is now possible to actually set the trajectile of the bird along with accurate aim and precise damage upon impact. Currently, the game comes in either free, paid for 99 cents (no ads, Amazon only), or HD versions. Currently, only the free regular version is available on Google Play. We shall update this post with the appropriate links once they become available; in the mean time check out the new gameplay video below to see exactly how those crazy, fun loving, birds made it into outer space and how far they would go to get their revenge against those nasty egg stealing pigs.


Angry Birds Space is now available from Google Play and the free version can be downloaded from here

Source: Google Play