Google’s Play Store has been one of the hottest topics of late. Now, there is another news that has stirred up a buzz, the Google Play Store has caught a bug. The symptoms are that users are finding their paid applications disappear from their My apps list. The paid applications have stopped showing and the users are either getting blank spaces or RPC (Retrieving information from server) errors.Some users have also reported that they can see the purchase history of their apps in Google Wallet but are not showing in their Play account.

The problem according to sources has been seen in stock as well as rooted phones. Now. if the bug started from one of the custom ROMs its hard to tell at this stage. It has been more than 3 days and Google has yet to give an official statement for this situation, but knowing them, they surely be searching for a solution as we speak.

If any of you tend to have this problem please let us know via your comments.


Source: Device Magazine