The long wait for the ICS update for HTC Sensation users in Pakistan is FINALLY over as the official update is now available. It can be directly downloaded from within the phones software update feature or through HTC’s PC suite better known as “HTC Sync”. The update not only brings a new dimension to the phone but also enhances the overall android experience. In this article we are going to give a hands on review of ICS on the HTC Sensation and what it has to offer.

The update comes packed with HTC Sense 3.6 giving it a whole new look from the previous 3.0 version. Major changes on the home screen include an options menu which was previously not available. With the new version of Sense, the menu has not really transformed much except for a few visual changes mainly the icons.

Google had launched ICS a while back but got a few bugs along the way, and as a result the official launch got delayed. After successfully testing out the stability of version 4.0.3, the company gradually started rolling out the update for all major ICS supported devices. The drop down notification bar has also got a new face lift from the dull looking white/grey background to a new, sleek looking black one with new icons and multiple features. The settings menu have got a few useful tweaks. ICS brings multi-tasking to a whole new level with the task manager getting a major reboot through which programs can now be simultaneously and effectively managed.

The default camera app gets a wicked upgrade with ICS, the major changes include the following:  The interface, where all options have been regrouped under “settings” and the effects option has been separated for quicker access. The camera can now snap pictures while recording a HD video which is quite handy for quick pictures.  The gallery has now been given a direct shortcut to the camera, while the the size of the thumbnails has reduced slightly. More importantly the transition between the pictures has improved drastically. ICS has also enabled a new unlocking feature in the device called “Face Lock”, which gives the front facing camera a whole new perspective.

The default music player has also got a few changes including easier sharing along with more output options when connected to an external media device. The internet browser has also been modified with the new Roboto font and has received a few quick access options along with smoother transition between the opened tabs. Apps like Facebook get customized for ICS automatically during installation making them much faster and better looking. We have kept the best feature for last: “Google’s Voice Type” which allows the user to speak and type at the same time, unlike other third party voice recognition applications it is very accurate. Other features include recognition of voice in multiple languages including Urdu.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and as always please feel free to comment below and help us improve further.

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8 Responses to “HTC Sensation gets an official taste of ICS in Pakistan”

  1. absolutely fantastic guyz …. This is has it all 🙂

  2. Thanks alot Umair 🙂

  3. Junaid Bhatti says:

    Dear Daraius,

    I am very impressed by this article as it depicts a lot of analysis and a hard work done in the background. I am indeed impressed that there is still a lot of talent present in our nation and that the the knowledge is correctly utilised. After going through this article I am sure of one thing that Mr. Daraius has the potential to analyse the pros and cons of every subject matter very deeply. The way he has given each and every specifications in detail along with mentioning the unique features in it is totally remarkable. His recommendation and the conclusion present in the article is absolutely outstanding and has eventually influenced my decision of purchasing this handset.

    Thanks a lot Mr. Daraius for your support and assistance and I look forward to see more articles of yours in the near future as it inspires me a lot.

    With Best Regards,

    Junaid Bhatti

    • Daraius says:

      Thanks Junaid, Your appreciation and kind words would surely help us improve even more in the future.

      • Anas Raza says:

        Sir liked your work very much.I just wanted to ask you one thing that is ICS update available in Pakistan for HTC sensation and how to install in with HTC Sync.Thanks

        • Daraius says:

          Hi Anas,
          Thanks for appreciating the article. The ICS update for the HTC Sensation is out since quite some time now and can be easily downloaded within the phone’s software update option. I would advice you to update it from the software update feature but if you are comfortable with doing it through HTC sync then that is also just fine. Just connect your phone with the data cable (make sure you have HTC Sync installed in your PC) and go in software update and download the latest ICS version if its available for your particular model.

  4. fazal mehmood says:

    nice article bro…i want to ask u one thing…i have htc sensation i m living in pakistan….but i didn’t got the ICS update…..can u tell me how to get that….


    • Thanks for appreciating the article bro. The updates have started coming in Pakistan since a week now and as the phones come from different regions, the update availability varies accordingly. You can also try using HTC Sync on the PC to confirm the availability of the update. If its not there you don’t need to worry as the update would come pretty soon. Same is the case with the Google Nexus S, some people have already received the update while others are still waiting for it.

      Do let us know once your update comes and if you have any further queries then please feel free to ask.

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