By now we are all well aware of the powerful and quite promising HTC One X and what it has to offer but besides Android 4.0 (ICS) and the quad-core power, one of the biggest reasons for getting the HTC One X is certainly the device’s camera with ImageSense technology. Its shooter boasts improved lens, sensor, software, and there’s also a new custom HTC ImageChip. But seeing is believing, right?  HTC claims that One X can take a picture in just 0.7 seconds. The 8MP camera is also capable of shooting 4 full frames per second up to 99 shots at one time  that’s faster that some full-fledged DSLR shooters. But how fast is the HTC One X ?

We compare the HTC One X with two of the fastest Android shooters in the market right now. How will the HTC One X stack up against the Fast Capture feature on the Sony Xperia S and the Zero Shutter Lag capability of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus ?

The Xperia S happens to outperform the HTC One X at taking a picture straight from stand-by mode. But such result is mainly due to the fact that Sony’s smartphone has a dedicated camera button. One can simply press it and take a picture at any given time.

Having to unlock the device and access the camera app takes longer compared to the Sony Xperia which has a dedicated camera button; but when the unlock factor is taken out of the equation, the HTC One X is clearly faster and better than the other high-end devices. Smartphones are also very well known for camera performance, so this really makes the HTC One X ImageSense camera stand out from the crowd.

To see the multiple tests performed, simply go ahead and check out the video embedded below. But what do you guys think? Is camera performance that relevant to you or would it just be an after thought ?


Source : Android24news

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